Light is reflective, Sound is transmissive, aesthetic constellations appear in color and with sneakers.

Visual notes among art and media.



Background Details aka "biological / artistic interdisciplinary thoughts & projects"


- 2009

studies biology diploma ( University of Bayreuth / University of Vienna / Humboldt University Berlin, with specialisation in medical microbiology, parasitology & genetics ) 

parallel:  learning languages, visiting exhibitions, travelling i.e.                            positioning one's perceptive apparatus into different spatial                and temporal contexts ( which it will be later on ironically                      called )

plus:   developing ability to understand the artistic and pragmatic 

           conceptions of classic and avant garde ( this topic will come                into importance a later ) 

- 2018

Archaeologie & Kulturwissenschaft - Seminar fuer Ästhetik, Humboldt University Berlin - Bachelor of Arts 


Erasmus exchange: University of Film & Copenhagen - Department of Film & Media ( MA level )

Lectures : Sound Art / between documentary and fiction / Media theory ( basic )

Lectures by Prof. Christian Kassung ( Kulturgeschichte der Dinge ), Prof. Holger Brohm ( Photography Theory ), Pressefotografie ( cultural scientific discourse ), Prof. Iris Daerrmann ( performativity & rituality ), Prof. Horst Voelz ( computer artist and wrote next to it a biology Lehrbuch ), shortly: Prof. Friedrich Kittler ( media theorist ), Prof. Andy Fisher ( Contemporary Photography Theory Goldsmiths, in English language )

San Francisco: University of California - Digital Photography ( basic theory and practice ) - interlaced with project ( there come the best ideas, or let's say "ideas" )

macumbista : analog spring reverb ( workshop attended )

Butoh dance workshop by Valentin Tszin

visits: die reihe. ( maybe not )

NK Projekt : D.I.Y. electronics for music / circuit soldering ( workshop attended )

graduation project: "The San Francisco Tape Music Center 1961 - 65" video / text ( medium magnetic tape for artistic purposes, aleatoric constructions in art pieces, reading "events" with varying semantic backgrounds, like events possibly as social gatherings as much as the strokes on a canvas, Art metaphor. I had to think interdisciplinary, unevitably. )

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Holger Schulze, Prof. Holger Brohm

Sound Studies - University of Arts, Berlin - Master of Arts

studied with Prof. Volker Straebel, Prof. Sabine Sanio, Prof. Hans Peter Kuhn, Marcel Kloppenburg, Prof. Jean Szymczak 

Erasmus Exchange: Aalto University Helsinki - Department of Arts, Design & Architecture


"Sound in New Media" : Sound portrait for seminar by Dr. Taiina Riikonen, SNAP - 1 minute sound for Tarkowsky film clip for seminar by Antti Ikonen


conceptual work for "Sound Clinic" / a project for a Sonic installation in a children's hospital 

graduation project: "Methods in Sonic Illustration" ( text / essay ), installation with performer at Einsteinufer Berlin 

supervisors: Prof. Hans Peter Kuhn, Prof. Sabine Sanio


sound performance / installation

_ Henry the Rabbit by Craig Martin Wood: player of instruments in            Mayhem Copenhagen and Generator Galery Copenhagen

_ group performance: Stockhausen "Kurzwellen" within Sound                  Studies at Jazzinstitut ( analog synthesizer, keyboard and rack              with wood ) ( which does not mean I understand, maybe fear jazz        at best )

_ "Sonic Illustrations, some": installation with performer at                          Einsteinufer Berlin 


_ university radio: Humboldt Kulturwissenschaft ( concept, editing &      interviews for podcast seminar, concept for radio broadcast series )

_ radio piece: sound artist Else Marie Pade ( at HU soundstudieslab )

_ radioplay based on a book excerpt ( "Wild ist scheu" ), group work    within Sound Studies / University of Arts, premiered in a space /          aired on Cashmere Radio 

drawing pen on paper

- "Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg" within seminar "Sonic Cartographies" at      soundstudieslab ( pen on paper, > A 0 )


- City of Porto "sardinha" : digitalised drawing ( online exhibition )

- Berlin - Klangkunst ( thematic illustrated map, pen on paper with drop of      

    beetroot juice, > A 0 ) within Sound Studies, University of Arts

- interpretations of commercial graphical logos, pen on paper

                                             ( between analytical and imaginary, indifferent of                                                                      pre - visual development context, applied                                                                                moments for different time concepts )

video works / media art

- group film "Das Trautonium", 35 min., documentary: supervisor Dr.  Christina von Braun 

- group work : conceptual image film - Dronning Louise's Bro, supervisor:               Anne Schepelern at KUE University of Copenhagen  ( group film with Mille Schneekloth Christiansen, Lisa Merete Christensen, William Andreas Wivel, Johannes Rothaus Noerregaard )

- group work: interactive audio guide for Royal Danish Academy of Music with              Sidsel Nelund, Katrine Dirckinck-Blofeldt

- concept: music video ( for social media ) for Dino Joubert and his band, it's all        about layering of urban space ( which is a cold world )

- magnetic tape ( as artistic medium ), 4 visual channels ( under construction )

further references - art & design

_ Aalto University - Sound Design ( supervised by Daniel Hug )

      "generating an interactive scenario / a soundscape ( djungle / tundra )                         was projected into an empty room" with a digital sampler

      group work with Philippe La Grassa

_ composition course by Andrea Mancianti within Aalto University


_ programming: Signetics 2650, binary logics of a computer game ( Pong )

               at Humboldt University Medienwissenschaft 

_ analog videosynthesizer workshop at Media Lab Helsinki with Otso                                            Sorvettula

_ clothes design ( light and reflection ): a black coat with red L - wire, sewn                                  together by hand: disguised shape in a desert, when lifting arms

_ you might know it from ... ( Art installation / festival or "conversation", which I am                                                      really good at )

_ festival participation ( different media ) 

               museruole ( online ): women in Electronic Music 2014 _ Contemporary                          Tape Music

               aeaeniaalto 2018 _ installation with collaboration with Carlos Ortiz Ariza


_ festival applications pieces ( intermedia parts ) :


2018        "Love doll" ( sound effects for eyes in a short movie )

2015        Spiegel ( composition for piano and editing program )

2015        harina ( sound improvisation on synthesiser, with Ricardo Malpartida )

_ exhibition spaces

2013 -      Georgenstraße 42 "Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg" -                                                     drawing pen on paper, > A0 ( group exhibition "Sonic                                                     Cartographies at Sound Studies Lab )

2014 -      Porto " Sardinha" ( drawing pen on paper, 2 layers )

2015 -      Humboldt University of Berlin "Monotony" - photography                                               works

2015        Silent Green Berlin, "37053 km", sound piece with R.                                                       Malpartido

2018 -      Akusmata / Vapan Taiteen Tila ( days during aeaeniaalto )

- idea & concept label "LenaoooYuki" ( Sound Design: acoustic logos, conceptually related to companies,       analog&digital ) ( Yuki is not an imaginary alter ego for wanting to be Japanese like seemingly everyone,       it is a classical gag about language learning stereotypes. Actually, it means snow and being named after       a monadic entity which is super simple and super complex at the same time is kind of cool. For some             reason not too many are called "blood" or "traffic" or "noodle / soup". )

- artist in collaboration: Aeaeniaalto IV / Helsinki 

- fish with Seitenlinienorgan ( for cool art projects )

- internship: Sen Productions ( documentary film editing feature length, production image films                                            Microsoft / Nike )

                     Jan Eilhardt Productions ( Kurzfilm Berlinale Einreichung )
- artist job: Olafur Eliasson / for littlesun project ( screwing mostly )

- assistance: for Aalto University design /  image film "collaboration Aalto / iitala"

- accreditation CPH:DOX 2011 ( for film )

- conference attendant ESSA / European Sound Studies Association 1 & 2 ( Berlin, Copenhagen )

- volunteer: Pictoplasma, CPH:PIX, LAPSody Performance Art, Festival of Endless Gratitude ( Copenhagen )

Performance ( movement / choreographed ) : 

 / / art dance ( at Vapaan Taiteen Tila ) in a piece after Pina Bausch ( Modern Dance approach ) : experienced rehearsals / stage / expressivity through movement in time and space

++++ interdisciplinary artistic interests: learning languages for semiotic fun
English ( spoken, academic ), Spanish B.1, French ( certificate for studying ), basic: Danish, Japanese, Finnish A.1.4, Korean A - level, Hindi, Icelandic ... )

++++ Brewery Los Angeles, California "what does mitten do - Z z z" ++++++ assistance : fashion photography set, outdoor // editing assistance : festival screening movie "fashion and books or something" // sound on set assistance for feature for Mexican conceptual B - movie film festival +++++ voice ( hihihi, rofl ) for a German media product ( 360 degree concert filming )+++++++++++++

 ++++++++++ I like watching media products in various languages, original language and dubbed / or with different compartments ( pictorial mixed media maybe ) to train the brain into different notions of emotional, mediated, reflections and the inherent wiring with real experienced encounters in languages and "Cultural Contexts" ( a nasty Cultural Science word to completely dissociate from everything ,"become the observer", and generating heuristic layers of phenomena, that might have a completely different intention. Then it is already too late mostly. One can see it in the eyes still. ) +++++++++++++++++++++


+++++++++++ randomly going to relevant events and saying / doing something intelligent and / or stupid ++++++++ meaning might evolve over time ++++++++

children suitable website / online depiction :

( a open source platform for artists with friendly generative imagery and generative coding concept, this make something complex appear simple )