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Sonic ( interactivity ) piece __________Audioguide for Royal Danish Academy ofMusic 

group work with: Laerke Sødring Nielsen, Dea Olrik Cisar, Oskar Sjøgren, Terese Broechner Christensen

within "Sonorous Buildings" ( seminar ) // Sonic layering / composition for a building

parts: edited field recordings into composition

                                                                                                    for mobile device via QR code 
                                                                                                    as spatial interactivity with building

theory / practice related thinking ___ A Tape Machine : topic & aesthetic reference  /// object oriented ontology


/// an art of assembling / disassembling media artefacts 

( for example technical apparatureses & texts, referring to laboratory conditions in different discoursive art & media artefacts )

// Else Marie Pade : artist portrait ( interview / translation piece /

      media spaces into audio )​ - context : subcultural aesthetics in Art

// John Cage / interpretation of rules for creativity / composition :

     video piece ( mixed media recorded / edited / drawn / visually composed ) -                            context : editing styles in art & media practices 

_MG_0930 Light California.JPG

video  installation___Art documentary movie "Magnetic Tape in climates" : 

"The San Francisco Tape Music Center", analog music production & Sound Art  

( video stills )

Screenshot 2019-08-11 at 19.11.46.png
Screenshot 2019-08-11 at 19.33.37.png
william basinski.png
Screenshot 2019-08-11 at 19.33.27.png

House of Faith : Tape recording studio                  Sound Artist William Basinski

Screenshot 2019-08-11 at 19.33.17.png
Screenshot 2019-08-11 at 19.33.05.png

Ampex : Tape Machines manufacture                     San Francisco Tape Music Center 

                                                                                        Bill Maginnis ( RIP ), Ramon Sender                                                 

San Francisco Tape Music Center

/ Morton Subotnick 

Mills College / Maggie Payne

theoretical references : layering of different artistic contents / aesthetic visual and cognitive guidance through topics and points of views  / Michel Chion - filmmaker as participatory agent / different documentary styles - Bill Nichols / video editing as aesthetic tool / conversational interview structure that the filmmaker is interested in as well

angle: text - sound intertwinement / Counterculture / Sound generation / Sound Art / Spatial Art as video piece ( multilayered ) 


Interdisciplinary image film  ______________________________Dronning Louise's Bro

concept / history atmosphere / visual representation / editing 

group work: production course //  Film / Media Department University of Copenhagen  

supervisor: Anne Luise Schepelern 

documentary "Das Trautonium" / 35 min. _________________________________________

concept / research / editing

bachelor seminar project / group work

context: electroacoustic sound / sound generation as commercial and artistic stylistic intertwinement through historical artistic perspective

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