concept installation master exhibition / interactivity part


                      ( Einsteinufer Berlin, emphasis on Sound parts )

                                                                                                ( Aeaeniaalto Helsinki, emphasis on Visual parts )

means :   exhibition space / implication into master exhibition art                 university / Arduino / wires / performer / yoga mattress ( or             any other ) / super simple Pure Data skeleton / performer

          and some things I forgot to mention now

idea :      ( the space was supposed to be "the canvas" )

               performer lying there, seemingly sleeping, wearing black                  "neutral" clothes ( cotton, certified organic )

               one hand is having wires ( actual small cables ) that                    connect the hand from the a thumb to the other 4 fingers

               ( if one has them )

durational :      via a "button wiring" the circuit closes 4 different                     sound patterns coming                                                     from a computer, they also make an organic algorhythm                     of Sound "texture"

                          ( waves, feathers, the other 2 I forgot )

interactivity :  when a visitor comes in, the signal makes the sound                      change and the                                                            performer is dressed in different Sonic clothes

                 depending on the visitor, the performer can hide behind                  different Sonic imaginations ( performing is also                        about shyness, yes )

The performer is therefore some kind of interface between "the technology" and "the visitor", with freedom of choosing through the energy which comes in with the visitor which sound to be layered onto the "installed body" ( that sounds weird, it's not in Fine Art, most musicians do it, kind of on free will or not ).

over time gimmick : in the memory of visitors, different versions are                         evoked 

variations:        by having a Pure Data skeleton, one can attach                            different Sound samples and a to a certain                                extent randomised Sound pattern, the samples might be                    recorded from a e.g. real poor bird that comes across                    or created manually or digitally to "mimic" it 

                   and give the Sonic "illusion" of a bird / cat / wolf

( wiring also to the vintage TV would enable the possibility to layer a visual depiction of the performer with visual "effects" )

concept backpack :for "going swimming" 

when one travels around with a computer and the occasion comes up to bath in a river / lake, the backpack in the shape of a sleeping bear with the computer can just be put into a tree.


most people passing by think it is a bear and probably bites.

knowledgable biologists have a laugh about how unlikely a bear is there.

Ideally, they leave your backpack where it is.