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project  / part of which can "become" a piece ( piece of art, I am not THAT great ) :

an attempt to de - construct psychological "structures" that bring so much sorrow to people, or its those moments when one spits out a drink during a conversation or the head comically falls down to the table, eyes closed.

_the solution is that by making recordings of oneself, one finds the self, because without interpretation from an outside, one only knows oneself, why one "keeps" things ( also photographic moments ). The weirdness 'exchange of object against something totally different' was "the marble", have fun interpreting "the marble subject / motiv".

_i made many, dozens or hundreds of those "logos" in my mind according to the concept. Any other surrounding would have "supported" the idea, just here, I am " lacking a formula ".
The whole design topic ( over a year ) was supposed to find a path between "lies that one necessary tells small humans" and "to entertain the ones who still can access this 'way of thinking'"

_ the font is called robot thin

if you did not get the joke, make a joke course

Game for Cities / Urban game


idea(l) for a holiday situation with family in which everyone is doing her / his own thing, everyone 

slightly bored as usual and completely dangerous intersocially

items used: notebooks made of paper & portable phone w. camera 

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