When perception is trained into ( tinto: wine ), digital & analog / artificial & natural origin, sometimes ( a vezes ), constellations of time independent artistic notion appear ( by themselves, I just do things )

- not to be confonded with : I have no idea what I am doing. -


media art / Sound Art and a heuristic application of an attempt to try to be cool ( even with glasses, tough one ) //

A ) thought structure : mixture of intentional and serendipital filming edited into an                                   installation that contains thoughts, "revelations" or just a lucky guess

B ) thinking of classics in design and why they might be called like that ( the answer is                             usually they remind of an animal )

C ) illustration as a term to fuse reality with the "floating pictorial pool" and some own                             thoughts / images that come like dreams, from the ether of course


examples of attempts for contemporary media art ( DIY or die, something like that ) :

the solutions are:

water / ocean / H2O 

balancing "re - current" actions and actions / habits, that "make sense" or refer to an artistic experience one had could be a way to "have a narration" in ones interaction with the outside world ( artist formulation, actually everyone has it, just relating to it as a fact is different )


the imaginary style police is a matter of facts, people d** for it in a way

_topos: rethinking what I have done: one is an attempt to be part of an intellectual underground movement, in the end I am just weird and lonely and not into mass dynamics anyways

_______________________    project aside : 


_collect colors, that k*ck a** in real life & in digital soup.

_ forget the rest around it


_______________________ why are some installation intentionally / non intentionally really                                                  annoying and some create a "additive atmosphere" within an 

                                               educated cognitive stream of conscience ( nutters excluded )

                                               reading about Shinto was a non Western thought, when thinking                                                of computers, many people refer to "non Western" culture, I                                                        haven't found out why yet

_______________________adjustable self images due to project / topic : 

Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 23.56.52.png