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IMG_8072 audience.JPG

Vapaan Taiteen Tila /
Akusmata (Helsinki) 

march 2018

I) photographic 

representation of

Sonic experiences (momentums ),

and a division of visual cue and Sonic association

IMG_8080. computerJPG.JPG

projection ( no sound )

IMG_8046 drawing.JPG

II) graphical representation in 2D and 3D space of Pure Data objects to symbolise elements of a synthesiser

pen on paper / ink on wood

IMG_8040 cable.JPG
IMG_8049 like bacteria.JPG
 records better.JPG

3 color sets in the room: the actual room, the color of the sound's container and the imagined sound


the Sonic conscience as an analogy to a musical set, 

"track experiences" gathered 

from different stylistic contexts

IMG_8048  representation.JPG


objects ( real and on photograph ) for indicating visual representation of the Sonic term "genre"

IMG_8058 material.JPG


symbolic application of Japanese ink on wood referring to a Sonic analogy of noise music as an organic experience

IMG_8055  for photograph.JPG


photographic depiction of a space for reverberations of sound 

referring to the layering with meaning through Sonic pieces played back in a space that makes it a venue, site, club, concert hall, ...

IMG_8056 photograph.JPG

original: hand written 

original: hand written and hand vectorised

IMG_8059 proprioception -1.JPG


text pieces representing Sonic terminology relating to a body as interactive / participatory tools for active listening



visual analogy to the logic of an aesthetic non grid / loop
( independent of point in time / 
physical or even mediated space, pure existing apart from logic and the expected downfall of all hope and manners. Simply prevent the worst and connect the really good intentions.

Multilayered, of course. ) 

after forgetting and

re - appearing in perception, different surfaces within meaning and how to relate to it might appear.


Sonic Illustrations with 

thin Sonic wires to a VR experience creating virtual space by Carlos Ortiz Ariza

recording for VR aeaeniaalto .jpg

ambisonics microphone

( closeup of membrane protection )

VR glasses aeaeniaalto.jpg

Each area of the gallery represents a cognitive aspect of Sonic perception in different perceptual aesthetic channels.

It refers to the mythical / cognitive topos of mnemosyne. 

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