LenaOOOYuki _________________ sound design 


During the 1 year long project, the body was seen as a moving entity ( sit, stand, yoga master class, run, make dance moves, sit again, sleep, etc. ) with exposition to different substances ( nutrition / functional food / hygienic chemicals ). Their consistency was supposed to be as close to nature as possible. For example, by their chemical composition, food derived from plant molecules ( C8 - caprylacid from coconuts ), pure protein powder and products containing body analoga ( tooth paste bio repair ) was used.
The interrelation of microbioma with raw food, self picked plants and green smoothies as a mechanical, fine motoric, laboratory standard grinding of plant cell walls in order to reach proteins that might be inaccessible for a usual human digestive system was supposed to establish a homeostasis of bodily functions resulting in a functional physiological construction.

Water as close to nature as possible, artesian in green glass bottles and crystallized through special glass after Dr. Masaru Emoto ( JP ) supported the concept of interrelating of body and nature.

Through the implementation in the creation of ( mostly virtual ) sound logos to the places and products in a narrative, 3 seconds long conception, life as a text of pictorial moments of body techniques and consumption habits was perceived.


2 companies, Liquid Garden Berlin and Dr. Pogo received a sound logo implying conceptual methods of creating a sound in visual analogy to how a visual brand logo might be created.



By implying consumption habits and relating body memory with the creation of art, the pieces relate to the term "piece of an artist". 

( "organic continuum of circulation, physical components and interactivity with Art pieces and surrounding" / strategic usage of meta data about food for direct exposition / mindsets crystallized in words and nonverbal )





means: time / space / imagination / pen on paper for sketching the imageries / editing program / conceptual recordings of sonically distinctive sound emanations  

Idea was to transfer the concept of a "Logo" for a so called "cultural phenomenon", can be a company, existing or not, into sound ( time frame, aka format was 3 seconds, including a narration ) / the ability

of dividing visual content and "actual object" is preset

the solution of the acoustic imprint in the website is:

elements: grain: Poaceae spec. / iconic nutrition sound of "falling grain"

( advertisement aesthetics to divide the actual thing of the image, referring to the Italian noodles image photograph, the grain was and the hay was collected by myself and recorded with Sound Man / in ear microphones, very expensive gear )

the one you hear I had in my hands ( an Art means of style ).

the package has a "Sasquatch", an illustration on it, my two fingers imitating the walking into the Sonic image and out of it of a Sasquatch ( which does not exist of course ).


In the end of the day it was meant to be a tiny acoustic drawing.

Berlin_____________ map Sound Art / Klangkunst ( drawn & performed )


Parallel, a project within the term Sonic Cartography was generated. 

Through the combination of the urban experience Berlin and the books Sonambiente 1996 & Sonambiente 2006 Klang Kunst Sound Art, a historical development of Sound Art / Klangkunst was fused into an "illustrated" ( term ) map. 
The map shows streets and some buildings in Berlin, which were hosting art pieces that refer to the art form Klangkunst / Sound Art in different times. 
The time barrier of the pieces, partly stretched over huge geographical and temporal distances, was fused into a drawing.

The drawing is seen as a work resulting of the consumption of the book information, interacting with a city and the physical crystallization of the drawing through the artist's body as an aesthetic filter.  


By adding a drop of beetroot juice, the direct connection between the artist's body and the piece was made. 
The same bottle of beetroot juice was ingested to see if urine is turned pink, which might be an indicator of too few acid production in the stomach. A selftest and ancient body technique whose information is available freely in health book sources.



media: pen on paper & a drop of beetroot juice

triangles ______________________________   experimental sound piece with score 


" piano piece for broken hand "


The piece consists of a score and a recording that follows a successive regeneration of nervous development in a broken hand.


items: piano ( black, with feet ), H4N dictaphone in the piano, pen on paper / the artist playing



the master installation consisted of different phenomena for different parts of the brain that remind of a performative / media concept which is possible to operate in as an Artistinstallation II ________________________an analog /digital net of references for eardrums and retinae and audiovisual media

apart from the experience for an audience, the parts trigger memory and Art / academic interactions for myself 


zombie piece :           being alone in the metro at night. Fearing people more than zombies.
                                     Walk like a zombie. If the bot / night watch looks at the screen in                                              those seconds, he / she / it might have a intermedia moment of                                              visual pattern recognition of movement.

                                     randomly interspersed in time & space 


( Actually, many of the pieces actually symbolise friends of mine or people I want to be friends with ... ^^ )

now planning : collection of artifacts of format crossing media things ( with nice colors )
                           for making it exhibitionable, I asked an Art fair for the idea "monochrome",                                a collection between "accidental and stylish"

children suitable website : https://lenaoooart.hotglue.me  ( the game is to find the portrait )